Ground and grass textures

I spend the last days experimenting with visual styles for the ground textures. Here’s an in-game screenshot:

In game screenshot of ground and grass textures

It works by layering a number of textures:

  1. Background color layer
  2. Perlin noise layer for some variation in background color
  3. Grass background layer filled with premade grass patches.

The patches are the most important part. I’m using 4 variations at the moment. When you blow one up it looks like this:

Blow-up image of a grass patch

  1. Grass blade sprites, each sprite is rotated to face upwards.
  2. The background sprite.
  3. Copy of the background sprite, filled with a darker color and shifted down a few pixels to create a shadow effect.
  4. A transparent layer that blends the patch into the level background.

For placing the patches in the level I used an algorithm called Poisson disc sampling.

© 2018 Willem Schots