The concept

This is the first post in the devlog for The Devils Bargain. A 2D shooter where the Devil himself influences the game.

In order to absolve them of a debt to the Devil, the player needs to complete a number of levels without dying. If the player dies, they lose their soul and the Devil wins.

During the game the Devil will try to prevent the player from winning by playing cards. The cards influence the game in different ways but generally make it harder for the player. Cards might:

  • Activate traps
  • Spawn more enemies
  • Give penalties to the player (Slower movement etc.)

At the moment I’ve implemented some basic shooter mechanics:

  • A Modular procedural level generator (each new level will be unique).
  • HP based damage system
  • Projectile weapons

There’s not much to show yet, but that’s why I’m starting this devlog now. It will (hopefully) be cool to be able to look back and see the progress.

Check out the current state of the game in this video:

The graphics are not final and pretty much programmer art. I have a vague idea of the style I want to achieve (which is different from the above video) in the future, but more about that later.

Thanks for reading and until next time.

© 2018 Willem Schots